BOOKING: We are a VIP Dating Service and therefore our Model Dates are of a two hour Booking Arrangement and up. All Bookings require a non-refundable Booking Fee of 30% which is deducted from the initial Booking Fee, there are no refunds once a Booking has been finalized, sorry, but we do not want to waste our time nor yours.

SCREENING: Is a must at Escape, Escape Models is extremely strict about this to ensure your safety, and our Models. We are a small discrete service, that offers a quality and safe environment. All information, is kept strictly confidential, and is deleted immediately after screening. Please note , if you are unable to allow screening, we cannot accept you at Escape Models. All false information, will result in a permanent ban, and we will share this with our partners and friends. Don't get blacklisted!

BOOKING IN ADVANCE: To ensure availability we ask that you book 24 hours before to avoid disappointment depending on whichever model you select. Some of our Models have busy careers or travel and are not always available at a last minute arrangement.

ETIQUETTE: We do not accept Members that are Rude or Hostile to our friendly Staff and Models or Team. Our Models and Staff are to be treated with respect at all times as you will expect the same.
Please do not be totally intoxicated, our Models will not be comfortable with this.
No substance abuse will be tolerated, with our Models or Members at all times.
Please have the Models Fees in Full, in an UN-marked envelope and in clear view of the Model, delay of the Models fees will result in a cancellation forfeit any future engagements with Escape.
Please Note: Escape Models VIP Reserves the right to End the Booking on the spot if you do not abide by our Rules.

PUNTUALITY: We expect our Members to arrive on time and not to keep our Models lingering when there time is up, our Models may have other engagements arranged .

SECURE LOCATIONS: Our Models are always met in safe secure Locations, and must freely communicate with us while on an engagement, by there phones, at any given time. If we do not hear from our Models while on a date, this will set off alarm bells, need I say no more!

REFUNDS: There are no Refunds after a booking has been made, if for any reason you are not happy with your partner, we will try to book another Model. If you are still not satisfied then we apologize, and we would ask you to find another Service. We have beautiful Models and get great feed-back, and we will always try to please your needs,however if you are dissatisfied we suggest you go else-where, we do not want to waste your time nor ours, no offense.

TOO MANY CANCELLATIONS: Frequency in Cancellations, will result in forfeiting your deposits, and will result in a Members cancellation, without notice, sorry, but we are very professional here, and treat you will respect, and expect the same, for us our Models and staff.

OUR STAFF: We work very hard to take care of everyone's needs, including our staff, who must be treated with respect at all times, Verbal abuse towards staff, will not be tolerated at all times.

TRAVEL: All Travel requires one weeks notice, to ensure availability

We are a dating service that provides Quality therefore our Models are only available for minim two Hour Engagements, and above. We do not provide One Hour Dates.
We Provide Dinner Dates, Luncheon Dates, Early Bird, Evening Cocktails and Over-night Dates, Casino Bookings in New York, or Weekend Excursions.
Gifts are not expected, but if you wish you may, our Models will always appreciate this.
There are no hidden extras in our Fees. All fees are required to be paid in full immediately after a Models arrival, please leave your donations in UN-marked envelopes in clear view of the Model.

  CALL US: 212-470-8808
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