When your talk about Escorts, and Escorts Service, you wonder if even the person behind the Escorts, even understands the word Luxury, and what it really means, at Luxury Elite Escape Models VIP, we not only know Luxury, we live it and where born in it, so for us to create a VIP Service, that is all about Luxury was normal. Founded in 2012 in New York City, we where the first Agency to put forward our Luxury Escorts, soon after there where copy cats, wannabes, but when we saw what they called Luxury we could not stop Laughing. Luxury Elite Escape Models VIP was founded by two Models who had been working in the Fashion Industry for many years, we knew there where quiet a few Models that where working Part time as an Escort, purely to supplement there income, so we decided we would create our own cutting edge Luxury Service, that would pair up theses beautiful Models with the right clients. Since all the other Agencies in New York treated these beautiful muses as badly as there business was performing. Our concept was to focus more on the Dating Aspect, than the Escorts aspect of the Business. After about a year of being on the scene, our Agency, became the biggest in New York, not big in size, but big in performance. Today Luxury Elite Escape Models VIP is considered a Highly reputable service, small but with big High Profile clients.
So what is Luxury, you have to be born in Luxury to really understand the word and appreciate its value. Luxury is Top Class, opulence, grandeur and magnificence. Well i can only describe all of those rolled into one as being my Mother. That is exactly who she was , and how she existed, so I know no different than that.

It was easy for us to great our own platform to showcase our  Luxury Escorts Models , and Luxury Elite High Class High End Models, to let clients see, that they are not just meeting an average run in the mill girl, but someone very unique and very beautiful, someone that was educated, cultured and very well bread, so our Real models are Top Models, and the are Top Luxury Models, and Luxury Escorts because at Luxury Elite Escape Models VIP we only hire exception girls to join our team of  Luxury Dating Services.
All Models a t Luxury Elite Escape Models VIP, come strictly for the Entertainment Industry, and have modeled in there past, in at one point, our Top Luxury Models, Luxury Escorts are Top Class are exceptional. they are not only selected for there beauty but for the elegance in character, which I can assure you is very rare, particularly in New York.
Our Models are Stunning, they can be taken anyway without the fear of an Compromises. We have even had a few over the years that we lost through marriage. This is what separates a Agency from a Top Luxury Agency. We are also very able to distinguish our clients very well and understand exactly what it is they are looking for and what they expect. Navigate to our Reservations Page to begin the process of meeting a Top Luxury Model, a Top Luxury Escort.

Our Top Luxury Models, Luxury Escorts are primarily Courtesans, you can say Courtesans with the old values, in the new today. Luxury Elite Escape Models VIP has always maintained high standards, for our Courtesans, and Luxury VIP Escorts, we continue to work on our Models and Services, to bring our clients the Best. Quality for us is a number one Priority, and to ensure our VIP Members are satisfied with our services and Top Luxury Models.
All models are screened to ensure the Models are Authentic, we do background checks, to ensure that the Model that is in the photo, is the one you will be meeting for a Date. We try to ensure we hire models, that are not only beautiful, but have good energy and a charismatic personality.

So if you are seeking a Date with Beauty a Top Luxury Model, or a Luxury Courtesan to spend a Top Quality Time with Luxury Elite Escape Models VIP, can provide you with the Best and Top Luxury Models in New York, Manhattan and Internationally. Navigate to our Reservations Page to begin the process of meeting a Top Luxury Model and Luxury New York Escort, a Luxury Manhattan Escort, and a Luxury International Escort.

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